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Meet the Herring Family (3).png

In September, 2018, The Beth Reale Foundation welcomed the Herring family from Connecticut.  We were astounded by this family's love and support for each other.  Sending our best wishes to this amazing family.


The Herring’s are an amazing family of 10. Lisa and Edward Herring are the parents of Marisa, 18, Ashton, 17, Naomi, 16, Elias, 9 and expanded their family by adopting Cody, 11, living with Arthrogryposis Congenital Multiplex, which requires him to use his feet for everything including eating and writing, Micaiah, 7, born with Downs Syndrome, David, 4, and Jonathan, 2, both of whom were born with Spina Bifida.  


In addition to being magnanimous and altruistic, the Herring family members create a truly amazing team, over coming obstacles, persevering, practising acceptance, working and learning together to ensure everyone’s needs are met. 


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