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​ Layla Rose is a friendly, caring, hilarious, diva who was born with Spina Bifida. Layla also has hydrocephalus, a life threatening condition where the spinal fluid collects in the head, and cannot drain properly. 

Layla underwent three surgeries by the time she was a month old. It was at a year old that her physical disabilities were noticed. She could not bare weight on her legs, her toes started to point down, and she was dragging herself on the floor to crawl. 
At 18 months, Layla had a shunt malfunction and she suffered from a cerebral stroke and lost all speech, swallowing, and blinking. Forty-one days, and ten emergency surgeries later, she was off to recovery. 

Layla’s journey has surely been a bumpy one, but she is so friendly and outgoing, it's hard to believe she has faced such adversity.

 She is a beautiful soul, and a pure joy to know.

Layla and her family visited The Beth Reale Foundation in Daytona Beach in February 2018. Aside from taking a break from her native Massachusetts weather, Layla was able to enjoy swimming in the pool, riding the waves in an awesome beach wheelchair, and building sandcastles on the beach. She became the captain of a boat and navigated through the Atlantic Intracoastal. Layla explored a disappearing island where she played fisherman for a day and managed to catch a TON of shrimp to use as fishing bait.  She was able to hang out with a dolphin, too! 

The Beth Reale Foundation is very proud of Layla and we know that she will continue to accomplish anything she puts her mind to. This world is sure to witness greatness from her!  


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