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28 Days of Beth

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Please take a moment to view this very spontaneous heartfelt video that Al recorded just moments ago while waiting for his brother Jim to arrive at DAB. Jim will be starting this 28 days of Beth journey with Al tomorrow.

We want to thank all of our supporters that have helped The Beth Reale Foundation in our mission of giving these very special individuals with disabilities an opportunity they may not have had otherwise. Monetary donations, event attendees, gifts in kind, and love have helped continue to make our foundations heart beat. In 2018 we awarded 7 individuals, Kevin, Layla, Rylan, Cody, Micaiah, David and Jonathan with an all inclusive accessible vacation with their loved ones. We also provided scholarships for 5 individuals that are pursuing higher education in the field of special needs. Their smiles and stories can be viewed on

This is a very special year for us as we approach the 10th anniversary of Beth's passing. Beth was admitted to the hospital on April 24th, 2009 for back surgery to straighten and fuse her spine. She developed serious complications from that surgery and spent the next 28 days fighting for her life before she sadly left us on May 21st. Over the last 10 years her father, Al, has done some very special things in these 28 days to celebrate her life such as running 100 miles, cycling 500 miles and surprising strangers with gestures of support, monetary and otherwise.

This year marks a decade of celebrating her love for life and helping others and on these “28 days of Beth”, he will be sailing from Daytona Beach to Boston on on the sailing vessel "La Vie Dansante" and arriving at Beth’s bench located at Fourth Cliff in Scituate, MA on May 21st to commemorate her life.

Al will spend this summer giving charters from Hannah Banana Boat Charters to disabled individuals and their caregivers in the Boston area. His daughter Hannah and her friends from her special needs day program will be among the first of many of these very special individuals to enjoy time on the water.

Please help keep our mission alive! We are hoping for continued support from our sponsors and donors. This 28 day sail is a total of 1268 nautical miles. We are asking for donations or a pledge per nautical mile. Even if just a penny per mile, every penny counts.

Please also join Al on this 28 day journey by following his blog on Facebook as he chronicles his passage and shares Beth’s story.

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